A EU Horizon 2020 Fast Track to Innovation Grant was awarded allowing the development to start early 2016. After extensive studies and preliminary forces analysis, scale models 1:6 have been tested on aerial behaviour. Scale models 1:2 have been tested on aerial and hydrodynamic behaviour with boat and helicopter. Prototypes scale 1:1 were tested, both on aerial behaviour and hydrodynamic behaviour with a mid-size helicopter EC155.

The next step is to carry out tests with a heavy Chinook helicopter, which will be able to approach both speed and lifting capacity of the aircraft ultimately intended for the final test. Tests will start at reduced speed and increase gradually to the designed speed

The last step is testing with a fixed wing aircraft at the designed speed of 130 knots and penetrating the water surface with a reduced water-intake of 10 %. This water-intake will be gradually opened until full opening is reached. This final test will be carried out in the 2nd quarter 2019 After these tests are completed an application for the airworthiness certificate will be submitted at the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA and the Federal Aviation Administration FAA in the USA. After obtaining the airworthiness certificate the SCODEV will enter the market early 2020.