Scodev bv (the company)

Our company, Scodev bv, has formed a consortium with two other partners, SONACA sa in Gosselies Belgium and Jakob Eschbach in Marsberg Germany. The consortium has obtained a grant of EURO 2.7 million from the EU Commission to transform the designed scooping device into a working prototype and to obtain the EASA airworthiness certificate. Once the EASA Certificate is obtained the SCODEV is ready for market-introduction.

Multi-role for military and cargo aircrafts

For an easy switch from military or cargo aircraft into a scooping waterbomber we have developed a platform on which is mounted the SCODEV scooping device, the reel, the launch and recapture mechanism, the holding tank and its applications, which can be shifted into the aircraft via de loading-door from a flat cart.

The dropping takes place via wide tubes mounted on the loading-door. Once the initial modification of the aircraft is carried out, it takes only a few hours to prepare the aircraft for its forest fire suppression task. When the mission is accomplished, it takes only a short time to unload the platform and the aircraft can return to its regular duties. Only a minor modification of the aircraft is required to allow the scooping device to exit the aircraft for deployment.